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Flavors of Southeast Asia - 14 Southeast Asian Foods You Must Try

14 Southeast Asian Foods You Must Try Once in Your Lifetime

The 14 Southeast Asian Foods You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime is a compilation of some of the best Southeast Asian dishes. These unique recipes will open your mind to a new world of possibility when it comes to flavor and food!

If you have ever been to any of the countries in Southeast Asia, then there is no doubt that your trip would not have been complete without trying some amazing local cuisine. From delicious pad thai and banh mi sandwiches to mouth-watering pho soup made with meat stock boiled for hours on end; these foods represent what people living here eat every day! But did you know this region has so much more than just those iconic dishes? This post will introduce new visitors who want immersive experiences into real life as if they were visiting one’s home country – all while learning about different lifestyles through their eating habits.


1. Crispy Rice Salad

This crispy rice salad is made with white and brown sushi-grade vinegar, and sesame seeds for added crunch. It’s the perfect side to bring on your next camping trip or to enjoy at Bone Kettle Southeast Asian Kitchen & Bar.


Crispy pork belly, scallion, peanuts, cilantro, Thai chili, red onion, and fresh lime juice ingredients are used for making this dish.

2. Chicken Satay

One of the most popular Southeast Asian dishes is chicken satay. It’s often served as an appetizer and it tastes best when made with tender, juicy meat that has been marinated in herbs before being grilled on bamboo skewers over low heat so their flavor combines beautifully against your palate while they’re still crunchy outside- just like biting into a succulent piece of fruit!


The process for making this dish starts by preparing ingredients such as Grilled marinated chicken thighs, peanut sauce, kecap manis, pomegranate, pickled onion, and cucumbers.

3. Spicy Papaya Salad

The spiciness of this salad will have your mouth watering from the first bite to last! A perfect dish for those who enjoy unique tastes, it’s loaded with flavors that are sure not to be forgotten.


The ingredients which are used for preparing Spicy Papaya Salad: Green papaya, mangoes, tomatoes, chili, cilantro, green beans, peanuts, tobiko, shrimps, and garlic chips.

4. Blue Crab Toast

The blue crab is a tasty treat that tastes great when cooked over an open fire. It’s also called “the poor man’s lobster” because it can be found at low prices in many parts of the country, making for a perfect seafood breakfast or lunch.


These ingredients are Seared crab cake, laksa sauce, buttered toast, chili oil, Thai basil, and cilantro for preparing Blue Crab Toast.

5. Brussel Sprouts

These tiny but mighty Brussels sprouts are a great source of vitamin C, iron, and fiber. They can be cooked in many different ways such as pan-roasted or oven-roasted with Andersen’s Slow Roast Natural Salt!


Citrus soy vinaigrette, roasted pine nuts, and pomegranate seed are used preparing Brussel Sprouts.

6. Bone Marrow

This is a dish that many cancer patients must eat. It contains raw bone marrow, which provides them with nutrients and helps their bodies recover from surgery or chemotherapy treatment more quickly than if they did not have this nutritious food supplement!


For making this dish we use these ingredients: Scallion confit, grilled baguettes, red endives, baby frisee, apples, pears, citrus dressing.

7. Krupuk W/ Peanut Sauce

Krupuk is a type of dish from the Philippines that often includes bamboo shoots and vegetables in its sauce. The peanut butter adds an interesting twist to this savory meal, making it easier for people who don’t like or can’t chew raw meat due to health reasons such as vegetarianism/veganism etc.

This particular recipe makes use of both fresh veggies along with canned ones so you have all your ingredients ready at hand while still being able enjoy some yummy food!

8. Waffle Stack

Waffle stacks are a delicious breakfast dish that consists of two or more waffles topped with ice cream, syrup and other toppings. The name comes from the shape created when holding them up vertically in one hand so they look like an impressive stack!


The process for making this dish starts by using these ingredients: Pandan & Ube waffles, condensed milk, whipped cream, berries, ube ice cream.

9. Passionfruit Mojito

This refreshing tropical drink is made with passionfruit, orange juice and mojito leaves. The sweetness from the fruit balances well against minted gin to create a unique flavor that will have you coming back for more!


These ingredients are Yuzu infused sake, passion fruit, lime, lemon and mints for preparing PassionFruit Mojito.

10. Kokoda

This is a traditional dish made from vegetables, meat, Mahi-mahi ceviche, avocado, coconut milk, Persian cucumbers, bell pepper, red onion, and taro chips. It’s often served with rice or noodles, which are cooked in water alongside the other ingredients of your choosing! The best part about this meal? You get to customize everything so kokoda has all sorts-of different combinations that can be delicious too depending on what you put into them (eggy goodness!).

11. Oxtail Dumplings

Oxtail dumplings are a popular and tasty dish in many parts of Asia. Their flavor is rich, deep broth with soft doughy skins that have been fried until they’re golden brown then filled to the brim before being dipped into soy sauce or hot oil for added spice!


Oxtail, seasonal mushrooms, leeks, sesame seeds and San Bai Su are used for preparing this dish.

12. Garlic Prawns

In this dish, prawns are cooked in garlic sauce with tomatoes and chillies for added spice. The sweetness of the shrimps is balanced by its tanginess due to capsicum (bell) pepper which gives it an undeniable kick that everyone will enjoy!


These ingredients are necessary for preparing Garlic Prawn: Crispy whole prawns, chef’s special garlic sauce, cilantro, Thai basil and  Fresno chili.

13. Lumpia

This Filipino dish has a sweet and sour taste thanks to its fruit filling. It also comes in different shapes depending on what it’s being served with, like Chicken Adobo style lumpia which is deep-fried before being dipped into oyster sauce sweet chili sauce mixture for extra crispiness!


Savory pork, carrots, oyster sauce and sweet chili sauce ingredients are used in Lumpia.

14. Rendang Carbonara

This is a dish that uses the centuries-old technique of Rendang to create an Italian style pasta. The sauce for this recipe comes from cooking with dried red chili peppers (paprika) in oil, butter and beef suet or chicken fat until they melt into each other while being slowly infused overnight; then adding tomatoes and stock along with cream before finally finishing off under pressure through boiling – thus creating what we know today as “carbonara.”


These ingredients are used for preparing Rendang Carbonara: fried shallots, cilantro, parmesan cheese, Fresno chili, noodles, bacon, and poached egg.