fbpx Bone Kettle- Southeast Asian Kitchen & Bar in Old Town Pasadena
67 North Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103


seasonal menu selections, menu subject to change

Bone Kettle

A Luxury High End Southeast Asian Dining Experience in Pasadena, CA

Our menu is a love letter to Southeast Asian cuisine from a perspective of new generation of foodies. Inspired by cuisines from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia & Singapore, Chef Erwin Tjahyadi saw an opportunity to celebrate these under-represented culinary influences in Los Angeles and introduce them to new adventurous diners and Southeast Asian food lovers.

Proudly family owned and operated- when you enter Bone Kettle, you are entering as a guest at Chef Erwin’s family dinner room. You are a part of our new extended family.

Our kitchen is a melting pot of immigrants and foodies who are diverse, talented and innovative- so much so that every single person involved in the kitchen leaves an imprint in our ever-changing seasonal menus of small plates and sharing large platters. Dishes are designed for family style sharing, celebration, togetherness and exploration. Dinners are elegant interpretations of Night Market Hawker feasts, bursting with energy and intimate moments. Brunch is an amalgamation of Filipino, South Pacific and American comfort food- designed to take you away on a brief culinary vacation. Our craft sake & wine program showcases fine independent spirit producers all over Asia; incredible pairing selections to our bold menu.

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Sat – Sun
10:00am – 2:00pm

Pasadena’s #1 Brunch Destination, as seen on Eater LA’s hottest brunch spots in Los Angeles. Featuring ravishing selection of island-style french toasts, waffles, benedicts, congees, & unique brunch dishes. Reservations required. No Takeout available for brunch. 

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Happy Hours on Mon – Thu

Curated selection of craft sake, beers & wines. Inspired seasonal cocktails, fresh drinks & specialty pairings.

Happy Hours on Mon – Thu (4:30pm – 6:00pm)

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4:30pm – 9:00pm

Decadent brunch selection inspired by Filipino & Indonesian flavors- comprising of small plates, original French toasts, waffles & reimagined breakfast classics. Limited takeout available from 4pm-6pm. Subject to availabilities. Happy Hour specials on Mon-Thu from 4:30pm-6:00pm.


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